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projects : zen nonsense haiku

zen nonsense haiku are created by feeding small random groups of letters into a computer's spellchecker and asking it to make some sense of them. the computer may then offer a word, or even several, in response. this automated filtering process is repeated until you have collected enough words to arrange into some kind of order.

a standard haiku takes the form of a 3 line poem with a 5, 7, 5 syllable allowance per line. with a structure defined by these simple rules and words chosen by the computer the only human interference in the creation of zen nonsense haiku is in the initial random inputting of the letters which build the words which provide the body of the text.

zen nonsense haiku are created through a random collaborative process between the writer and the computer. the resulting poems don't rhyme and they don't make sense. what I like about these haiku is the lack of authorship. The poem is the product of a process which is methodical, mathematical and repeatable and which occasionally turns out beauty.

luck bean - 2001

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