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projects : chalk angels


(make your mark on the city streets)

In order to make chalk angels all you need is some chalk, but it's easier and more fun if you also have a friend to help you.

Take your chalk and your friend and head out on the town. Strike a pose wherever you find a handy flat surface, whether it's the floor or a wall, and get your friend to trace your outline in chalk. You can move your arms for the full snow angel effect, or you can stick to the classic crime-scene outline like we did. The addition of a simple smiley face helps to keep the finished angel from looking too morbid. We also added our names as there seemed little point in leaving ourselves all over the town unless we were going to let everyone know who we were.

We're not sure what the legal situation is as far as ephemeral graffiti is concerned, so go careful out there. Will and I were fairly sure that it couldn't possibly be against the law to leave a passing shadow of ourselves in public places, secure in the knowledge that our angels would fade away after a shower or two. There is a long tradition of pavement artists, leaving their own more elaborate marks on the city streets with no threat of legal repercussion.

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