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welcome to blewpiranha.co.uk

blew piranha is a multidisciplinary arts collective in the form of a commercial umbrella organisation. we make art for any environment and as well as being able to offer a variety of original works we are willing to undertake specific commissions for our clients

our on-line art gallery contains a selection of our works to date and our 'portraits to order' offer gives you the opportunity to submit your own photo to be made into an original painting, see projects, or contact us

we have no pre-conceived aesthetic ideas and plan to spread our art through non-traditional as well as traditional media and environments, creating objects and concepts for social, domestic, commercial and artistic settings

through the proliferation of our products and pieces we intend to establish blew piranha as a recognised part of the everyday visual environment

blew piranha are will crawshaw and luke bevan. we met whilst on the same fine art course at portsmouth university, where we accidentally created our first collaborative painting. we have been working together ever since exchanging ideas and images and building the blew piranha collection